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This is a hotbed for entrepreneurship
with boundless business opportunities;
This is the largest modified plastic manufacturing base in China;
Casting with thriving vitality and forging the character of tenacity!

This is Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Emerging as the times require and riding the tide to seize the opportunities;
Our lofty spirit of entrepreneurship had been kept passionate until now since 1993;
Our glory achieved through vigorous efforts has been astounding;
The second clarion call for entrepreneurship in 2004 was encouraging.
It is who the people of Kingfa with wisdom and far-sight to create a miracle for the rapid development of national industries!

Customer orientation, professional service;
Innovation and technology, transcendent quality;
Science development predicts a bright and prosperous future of Kingfa!
Donating for education and disasters, caring for nature,
Serving the Country through industrial development,striving for excellence ;
Our pure heart of natural kindness manifests a model of excellent corporate citizen!

Strong determination to achieve our goals with smart and moderate action!
Stepping on the glory of yesterday to extend the dream of today.
Kingfa is riding the tide of modified plastic industry development,
Pursuing the goals of our heart,
All adhering to build up Kingfa a prestigious hundred-year and world-brand corporate!

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